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Since the beginning of time water was and is the substance of life. All forms of life: plants, animals, and humans cannot exist without water. The master design has established water as the most important and significant substance on the planet. The mere fact that the planet is covered with 3/4 water is by no means an accident, nor is it an accident that our bodies are made up of 2/3 water. But if that wasn't enough, water itself is an amazing substance with chemical properties making it one of the more unusual yet plentiful substances on earth. What is it about water that allows it to be the main focus of life on this planet?

Water is designed to be the main nourishing agent and carrier of nutrition throughout the cells of all living things. The cells that make up all living things depend upon water for basic functions like getting nourishment to the cells as well as increasing communicating between cells. As the cell is nourished and hydrated by water, it springs to life. The better the hydration, the better its ability to do its duties as well as communicate with other cells and perform as a living system. When cells communicate with other cells, it raises the performance of all the cells in the body, and moves in concert throughout all living sytems of the body.

Talya Water is a water that enables the cells of living things to work better. Talya Water does this primarily through better hydration and patterns of energies. This water is simply easier for your body to use.

Let's look a little closer at what is so different about Talya Water

Talya Water has lower surface tension and smaller clusters which gives it a significantly better ability to penetrate the cell wall. The easier and the more efficiently water can penetrate the cell wall, the higher the level of hydration. The higher the level of hydration, the better the performance of all cells in all organs and all systems of the body. Hydration is the key that makes the cells perform at their ultimate peak of performance.

In addition to increasing the performance of the organs and systems by increasing cell hydration, the cells trigger yet another response of the body. This response is that of flushing out and removing toxins. The medical profession as well as all those who have studied and observed the body, recognize that when the toxins are removed and the cells are hydrated, the performance of the body steps up to a higher level. When cells are hydrated and toxins are removed, the body then starts performing at higher levels and is able to start the process of healing itself.

The question which may be posed at this time could be, "Is there anything else that may be relevant about water which assists in its performing better in line with its design. The answer is a resounding, "YES". Water may have a lower surface tension, fewer molecules in its clusters, but still for all intents and purposes it is dead water. Some people consider pure water free of bacteria or parasites to be good water. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Water without harmonic patterns of energy exists as dead, lifeless water. The energy given off by the earth, rocks and minerals, has a significant effect on all living things as the energy paths are imprinted into the water. Water, though pure, yet absent of these harmonic patterns of energy, remains dead and lifeless.

Since these aforementioned statements are true, then how does Talya Water measure up to the standards that are necessary for water to be living water? The answer is here, but if you would rather skip ahead to hear how Talya Water is changing people's lives, visit the Real Stories page. So what do we mean by energized water? Click here to read more about energized water.